High School

In our final stage, we prepare our students with an academically challenging instructional program for those preparing for college, technical school, or employment. Each core course (Math, Science, English, History and Bible) includes an honors option. Additional areas of studies include art, drama, yearbook, computer technology, and music. Students regularly take part in co-curricular opportunities such as athletic teams, student government, worship team, National Honor Society and ski club. Our college preparatory, business, and general courses provide a range of studies to meet a variety of student needs.

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GRADES 9-10 Curriculum

In ninth grade, students study Algebra 2, Physical Science, World Cultures, Elements of Literature with writing and grammar, Art, Physical Education, Health, and Foreign Language.  Biblical studies focus on Old Testament survey.

In tenth grade, students study Geometry, Biology (including dedicated lab periods),      US History I, World Literature with writing and grammar, Art, Physical Education, Health, Computer Applications (advanced Microsoft Office 2016), and Foreign Language. Biblical studies focus on New Testament survey.


In eleventh and twelfth grades, students have more      flexibility in their course choices. In addition to US History II and Government, American Literature, British Literature with compositional writing, Physical Education, and Art History and Music History (one semester each), students may choose their math and science classes to best-fit their future goals. Math classes offered include Pre-Calculus, math-based Physics, and Consumer Math. Science classes include Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Forensics, and Environmental Science. Electives include Personal Finance, Psychology, Art Portfolio, Digital Arts, Yearbook, Drama, Praise Team, and Chorus. Biblical studies for our juniors and seniors focus on ethics and apologetics.

  • All core high school classes can be taken as honors classes, as long as the requisite criteria are met. AP and dual-enrollment classes may be taken online.
  • Other areas of involvement and development include Student Council and National Honor Society.
  • We also accommodate students who attend Monroe Career & Technical Institute (MCTI) and Career Institute of Technology (CIT) for vocational training.

Grades 7-12 Foreign Language

We offer students the opportunity to learn French, German, and Spanish as core languages, and Italian, Latin, and Japanese as electives. All languages are learned utilizing the Duolingo program.


There is a dedicated art room and a dedicated music room. Our middle school and high school students undertake scientific inquiry in our science lab, and there are two fully updated computer labs. Student athletes have access for training  in our weight room.