School Lunches

During the week the upper classes 9th – 12th grade sponsor a fundraiser lunch or lunch snack as follows:

Monday: MEATBALL SUB (Music fundraiser for field trip)

Tuesday: SUBWAY (offered by the Class of 2025)

Wednesday: PIZZA  (offered by the Class of 2024)

Thursday: ICE CREAM (offered by the Class of 2026)

Friday: PHILLY PRETZELS (offered by the Class of 2023)

As per the FCS Handbook, sending money to school for pizza, hotdogs, chicken, hoagies, book clubs, field trips, etc. can lead to much confusion if not handled correctly, because monies are deposited in separate banking accounts. Please use the following method:

1. The exact amount must be in an envelope clearly marked with the child’s name, grade, and specific need. One check per family for each item is fine.

2.  Send in separate amounts (checks payable to FCS) in separate envelopes for each purpose by child/family.

3.  You may also use your FACTs Deposit Account if you have one set up.



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