Faith Walks

Each year, Faith Christian School elementary students and parents participate in our annual FAITH WALKS.  At Faith Walks, our elementary students will be will be walking for education.  They have one hour to complete as many laps as they can to raise funds for scholarships, technology, school improvement and educational programs. Please consider sponsoring our students for the day.


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My child will be walking for education to raise funds for Faith Christian School. Please consider sponsoring them for the day.



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Faith Walks, a very special day in the life of our school, will be on Friday, October 20, 2023 Faith Christian School elementary students and parents will participate in FAITH WALKS to raise money for vital school improvements, educational programs, and scholarships for families in need. Our theme is based on Romans 10:15, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!”

Faith Walks will be held at the Roseto Park. Each student will have one hour to complete as many laps around the ball field as he or she can alongside their classmates, teachers and parents. This is a vital fundraiser for our school and will enable the school to continue its ministry to children and their families throughout Monroe and Northampton counties in Pennsylvania and Northwestern New Jersey.

Last year, FAITH WALKS, along with FAITH SERVES, was a huge success, thanks to the generosity of your friends and family, all over the country. Last year our goal was $15,000 and Faith Christian School was able to raise $23,069.79!