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School-crabtreeThe Faith Christian School Association of Monroe County, PA, Inc, which actually reflects the ownership of the School, is the official name of the Parents’ Association.  Unlike a church-related school, Faith Christian is owned, operated, and controlled entirely by an association of parents and other interested persons, who are members in good standing.  The Association is the highest decision making body within the school organization and is charged with the overall operation of the school.  The Association elects a Board of Directors which is responsible for the development of policy, short and long range planning, hiring of staff and faculty, financial planning, and fulfilling the purpose of the school constitution and the Association.

As a member of the Association you can vote for board members and for the school’s annual budget.  In addition, members of the Association may serve on committees that help run the school.

Call 610-588-3414 or email for information on how to join the Parent Association.

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