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Dear Parents, Grandparents, Alumni, and Friends of Faith:

We all know the commonwealth of Pennsylvania mandates 180 days of in-class instruction for kindergarten through 12th grades. That is 2,340 days, 6.4 years, or 14,040 hours (without sports). That is a lot of time. Over those 2,340 days your child will learn grammar, science, math, history, and Bible (if at FCS or another Christian school). They will learn thinking and study skills, social skills, athletic skills, and musical skills. Underlying whatever education your child receives is a worldview, which is the lens through which your children will look at the world. It addresses origin, morality, meaning, and destiny among other areas. The argument can be made that the development of a worldview is a “religious” activity that all schools actively teach.

Public schools were first contrived by the Puritans in Massachusetts in 1647. Under the Old Deluder Satan Act — once a community had grown to fifty households, someone was to be appointed to teach the children of the community how to read and write so they may know the Scriptures. As with anything good, Satan will do his best to erode and dilute that good biblical foundation and public education is his master piece. After all, Satan knows if he can influence, shape, and win the minds of our children he will not need to worry about the next generation; they will already be his. Public education today would be unrecognizable to our founding fathers. Pastor Raymond Fredricks, my great grandfather, used to tell us as children, “Your faith is one generation from being extinct. You must pass it on!”

Some might argue that public education is neutral on biblical or religious issues or tends to ignore God. If we have learned anything over the last two and a half years it is that public education is anything, but neutral. It is in full reverse of what is biblical. There is no such thing as a “value neutral” education. Gordon Clark, a Christian philosopher and theologian, said, “The school system that ignores God teaches its pupils to ignore God.”  The question Christian parents are being faced with now is, what do they value for their children and the answer is seen in the education they choose. Where do you want your child to spend that time? Do you want all of your child’s teachers to have the same values and belief system that you do? Do you want biblical principles to be incorporated into your child’s curriculum? Do you want your child to pray and be led in prayer? Going back to your child and those 2,340 days and 14,040 hours in the classroom, they will be indoctrinated into a Christian worldview or an anti-Christian worldview. Even if that is not the intent, it will be the effect.

E. Ray Moore, a retired chaplain from the U.S. Army and co-founder of Frontline Ministries, has launched a project called the Exodus Mandate urging Christian parents to leave the public school system. Moore is also the executive producer for the film Indoctrination: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America. “We’re losing our children because of the extreme indoctrination going on,” Moore noted. “We have LGBTQ teaching sexuality starting as early as kindergarten in the schools, evolution as fact not theory—you can’t teach intelligent design or creation—they are doing a revisionist form of American History or the all-out polarizing critical race theory.

Over the last generation we have watched as public education and politically correct ideals have seeped into our “Christian” denominations, universities, and yes, schools to the detriment of our culture and children. That is why Faith Christian School is determined to stay mission focused. Our mission is to provide a unique Christ-centered education that instills character based on biblical principles and develops academic excellence for the purpose of preparing young people to serve and impact the world for Jesus Christ. We do not apologize, nor are we ashamed, to proclaim the Gospel, teach academics from a biblical perspective, and love every student as uniquely made in the image of God.

Faith’s enrollment has grown by 42% over the last two years; in 2020-21 we had 138 students; in 2021-22 we had 177 students; in 2022-23 we reached 197 students. FCS is thankful for this growth, which is due in part, to Christian parents becoming increasingly aware of the anti-Christian values that are being taught to their children within the public school system. The fact that Faith Christian School is in existence more than 43 years after our founding is not a testament to us. It is a testament to God and His faithfulness to us!

Some of God’s blessings this year:
– Continued growth in enrollment… and the phone keeps ringing and tours keep coming.
– The purchase of a new building at 314 Lincoln Ave. (the former day care across from the playground).
– Expanding Faith’s Legacy capital campaign has raised over $80,000 of $430,000 for the purchase and renovation of the new building in just 10 weeks.
– Many volunteers are ready to help with the renovation of the new building as we wait for permits to be approved.
– The newly formed middle school program for 6th through 8th grade is going very well.
– Our high school students are enjoying some new electives:
– Journalism – check out the new school newspaper at:
– Professional Practices – learning how to write a great college essay, how to dress for an interview, what to say at an interview, building a resume and more.
– Strength training
– Fiber Arts

God is doing great things at Faith Christian School; the school is moving forward, trusting that He will continue to meet our financial and enrollment needs. How will God use you to steward this ministry into the future He has planned? Faith Christian School students are part of the remnant that God is preserving in this country to be the Christian leaders of tomorrow. Take the opportunity to invest in them today for we know the only thing we can take with us when God calls us home is the people we have invested in. They will pay an eternal dividend.

In His Service,
Janel Trout, Director of School Marketing & Development

FCS Board of Directors:
Mr. Justin Blair
Mrs. Angela Fox
Mrs. Tina McElroy
Pastor Matthew Whistler



Monthly automated electronic withdrawals can be arranged through Mrs. Sheila Boyer in the Financial Services office. Call (610) 588-8815.


Faith Christian School
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