Dear Student & Family,

We are gearing up to spread God’s Word to the world about the Gospel! Since 2008, Faith Christian School students K-12 have been given the opportunity to assemble Bibles with Bearing Precious Seed. These small Bibles (John & Romans) spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to countries all over the world. How exciting that we can be a part of this awesome mission!

Every Bible made costs just about $.25. Can you imagine? For the price of a coffee, we can send 10 Bibles to the hands of the people that span the Globe! For the price of happy meal, we can send 25 Bibles!

In most recent years, FCS has assembled Bibles that have traveled to Hungary (2008), Ghana/France (2009), Ivory Coast (2010), Togo (2011), Mozambique (2012), Peru (2013), Hungary (2014), Czech Republic (2015), Italy (2016), Sierra Leone (2017), in 2018 Croatia (15,000 Bible) & Mexico (10,000 Bibles) and in 2019 the Ivory Coast totaling 299,400 Bibles. And its gets even better! Every Bible reaches 7 people! Those little Bibles have reached 2,095,800 people! Praise the Lord! What a ripple our little school can have for the Gospel!

This year, we are excited to involve our own communities into this ripple. Attached to this envelope is a Sponsor Form. Each sponsor can participate with as little as $1.00, but up to whatever God lies on their heart. Together, we can spread the love of Christ.

Important Dates:

February 5th:                      Receive Sponsorship Packets

February 28th:                    Sponsorship Packets and Money Due

March 7th & 8th:                 Chapel Announcements (Total raised/Winners)

April 15th – 17th:                Bearing Precious Seed Bible Making

In addition to having the privilege of assembling Bibles, FCS’s PTF will be giving out some rewards.

  • For every student that raises $20 (that’s 100 Bibles) we will invite you to an Ice Cream Party! *Since South Campus has been bringing in coins since September, if the building brings in $1000 (between the coins and the Sponsorship Forms) EVERY student will earn an ice cream.
  • The student that raises the most money (one student per chapel – K-6th, 7th-12th) will receive a $25.00 gift certificate to the store of their choice.
  • Lastly, the Grade that brings in the highest average amount of dollars will earn and house the Spread the Love Trophy for the 2019-2020 year.

Let’s make small daily sacrifices to make a difference for the world!

1 Cup of Coffee = 10 Bibles          1 Kids Meal = 25 Bibles          1 Movie Ticket = 50 Bibles

Thank you for your continued support!

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