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Not thrilled about how Pennsylvania spends your tax dollars? Want to help Faith Christian School financially with very little cost to you? Please consider the EITC Special Purpose Entity (SPE) program in order to divert 90% of your PA income tax to Faith Christian School!

Now individuals (and businesses) can participate who have a PA income tax liability of at least $3,150 (on his/her own, or together with a spouse if you file taxes married filing jointly, and one of you are employed by, or owns, a for-profit business)!

Even if you don’t personally qualify, please consider family or friends who may and forward this email to them! This program is a great way to cover our significant budgeted shortfall for the 2019-20 school year! But this year’s application deadline is December 1st, so please hurry!

If you bring EITC funds to FCS, you will receive up to 10% of the EITC amount back as a tuition credit!!! Please see attached Finders’ Credit form for details.

Attached are the following:

1. EITC SPE Quick Overview – read this first
2. EITC SPE Details Handout – this handout should answer all of your questions about how the program works and why it’s “not too good to be true,” plus a timeline flowchart
3. EITC SPE Donor Instructions – a guide to the application process, even though it’s just one easy form and one check!
4. Joinder Form – the actual application
5. EITC Finders’ Credit form
Interested? Have questions? Please contact Angela Fox at or call 610-588-8815 today!

Interested? Have questions?
Please contact Mrs. Angela Fox, FCS Board Treasurer, at
Call Mrs. Sheila Boyer at 610-588-8815 in the Faith Christian Financial Services office or email

This unprecedented opportunity is only available until December 1, so please help us direct state funds towards educating students with a Christian worldview!

Thank you in advance for your participation and support!!


EITC Finder’s Credit Incentive Program Credit Form

Click here for the EITC Finder’s Credit Incentive Program credit form for those current FCS parents who are spreading the word about our new EITC SPE tax credit program!
Please note:

– although current FCS parents are allowed to donate through the EITC SPE program, you are not eligible to receive the 10% tuition credit on EITC funds that you donate personally.

This form must be received by FCS prior to the funds’ arrival at the school (estimated to happen in January).

For more information, please contact Mrs. Sheila Boyer in the Faith Christian Financial Services office at or 610-588-8815 or Mrs. Angela Fox, FCS Board Treasurer, at
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