Art Courses

Students meet with the art teacher once a week for 40 minutes. The elementary art program explores the following areas: clay, painting, drawing, three-dimensional construction, weaving, puppetry, film-making, paper manipulation, printmaking, and art appreciation.  Each area is explored and expanded for each grade level, with each successive year adding to the depth of study, degree of difficulty, and the building of skills and techniques.

MIDDLE SCHOOL ART PROGRAM (7th – 8th grades)
Students meet with the art teacher once a week for 40 minutes.  The middle school art program reinforces the concepts discovered during the elementary years and helps build a stronger foundation for further experimentation. New media and techniques are introduced to encourage more creativity. Middle school students explore art in the areas of collage work, printmaking, clay, pastels, metal tooling, art appreciation, pointillism, animation and various other media.

After completing art classes in the elementary and middle school levels, students are   encouraged to take a more serious approach to creating art.  Emphasis is placed on the use of color in greater detail, drawing skills and painting.  The color course introduces basic color mixing skills while developing design and compositional awareness. New mediums are introduced and students are expected to have assignments completed in a responsible manner.

Our Art teacher Mrs. Martin talking about her art piece(part of a series for Good Friday at her church).

Credit Glad Films​ – videography by D Glad Getahun

9th – 10th grades
The emphasis is placed on design, abstraction, realism, drawing, painting and three-dimensional work.  A more advanced degree of technical proficiency in the productive and appreciative aspects of art will be offered.  Each student will be encouraged to:  analyze and discuss his creative effort upon completion of an assignment, manipulate media effectively to create strong drawing, work on two- and three- dimensional assignments, and experience the use of many different art mediums.

11th – 12th grades
The fine arts class offers an in depth experience in drawing, painting, and three-dimensional design in a studio setting.  Each project has assigned objectives, yet allows students more choice of freedom in the area of media and technique development.  Independent study and self-motivation are encouraged, as is new exploration.

The art portfolio course is an independent art program available for 9th – 12th grades.  Every quarter a sketchbook is due with the following standards.  Ten to 20 pieces of artwork will be due at the end of the marking period.  They must be fully assembled at home.  None of the artwork is accomplished during class time.  This course will meet as a class only twice during each marking period, the first to explain the projects for the marking period the second to critique the student’s work.  Each student’s artwork is to be in a portfolio binder or in page protectors in a three-ring notebook.  The purpose of this class is to develop and strengthen visual perception and awareness, to reinforce methods of drawing, to encourage responsibility in the area of completion of assignments and to create pieces of art work to fulfill college and job portfolio requirements.

This class is an elective for 11th and 12th grades.  Fine arts offers an in depth experience in drawing, painting, and three-dimensional design in a studio setting.  Work is assigned at the start of each marking period.  A student must use their art, organizational and time management skills, to complete the course work for the marking period.  All areas of art are explored.  Sketchbooks are due each week to increase drawing skills.

This is a required course for all high school seniors.  The art history course is designed to introduce the students to the understanding and enjoyment of art. Students systematically move through the earliest forms of art recorded to the study of Modern Art. They are also introduces to the great artist of the past along with contemporary artist.

This course is available to students in the 9th through 12th grade who are interested in designing the yearbook titled as The Lion Chronicles. The book is created on the computer with the use of a web-based design program. Photographs from all grade levels and activities are captured and displayed in each year’s book.

Students explore the computer as an expressive art-making tool and learn different avenues of visual communication, self-expression, and creative problem solving using the computer and digital photos or scanned images. Lessons will range from image manipulation to graphic design.  Students learn about current trends in technology which they will use in conjunction with traditional forms of fine art to create their own works of art.