Financial Aid

Faith Christian School is a Scholarship Organization through Pennsylvania’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit program (EITC).   There are certain requirements the school must meet in using this money as enforced by the state of Pennsylvania.  The main requirement is that the money must be used to assist qualified families in paying tuition. If you are considering applying for tuition assistance, below is the information you need to know in making your decision:

1.      All applicants must go through the FACTS program to apply.  Here are the specifics:

Have a completed application for enrollment on file here at Faith Christian, including paid registration fee.

Complete the FACTS Grant & Aid Application. This can be done online at,  If you need assistance, there are computers available at the South Campus building where we can assist you.  You must forward a copy of your signed, most recent  income tax return, and all supporting documentation to FACTS who will evaluate your need for financial aid and provide Faith Christian with appropriate information for us to consider your request.

Submit the attached check list and a letter addressing any special circumstances for consideration of your request for financial assistance to the business office. This information will accompany the results of your assessment from FACTS.

2.      The initial deadline for submitting applications to FACTS is May 1st. Applications may be submitted after May 1, until all monies are exhausted.

3.      All applicants MUST be Pennsylvania residents.  Because we are under the EITC program funded by the state of Pennsylvania, we are not able to consider residents outside of the state of Pennsylvania. New Jersey families may apply through our forgiveness program under the same guidelines.

4.      The income requirements for all applicants are a maximum household gross annual income of $90,000 plus $15,842 per dependent.  Applicants with income greater than these requirements will not be able to be considered.

5.      Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all applicants who meet the above requirements will receive tuition assistance.  Once all applications have been returned to the Finance Committee by FACTS, decisions will be made based upon the following:

Financial need determined by the application you submitted to FACTS and the additional information as provided on supplemental,
Parent involvement at Faith Christian School (for those who have been with the school), Student conduct and behavior record, Student academic achievement.

While Faith Christian is investing in the life of your student(s) we expect that you understand the need for parental involvement and commitment by your student(s) to display a Christ-like spirit and work hard to reach their academic potential.

6.    We also are aware of the following resources that assist families with primary school scholarships.

You will need to contact them directly since the school has no input into the selection process of distribution of funds.
Family Choice Scholarship Program – Applications due July 1st
(a project of PA Family Institute)
1240 North Mountain Road
Harrisburg, PA  17112
(717) 545-0600

CEO America, Lehigh Valley – now accepting applications
33 South 7th Street, Suite #250
Allentown, PA  18101

CEO is only considering families who are transferring into non-public schools and is not available to those already enrolled.

BRAVO Foundation – now accepting applications

Click on the unique link specific to BRAVO Foundation:

If you have any questions, or would like to complete your application with our assistance at our South Campus office, please feel free to contact Sheila Boyer at 610-588-8815.

Thank you for choosing Faith Christian School for your child’s education needs. For your convenience, we have made it a little easier for you to process your child’s tuition. Kindly click on the FACTS image below to setup your account or log-in to make tuition payments.


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