FCS Lego Club – Hosted by PTF

The Faith Christian School PTF is excited to let you know that we will be starting up an after school Lego Club for the kids!  This event that will be open to all ages, as even big kids like playing with Legos and could have fun working with the younger kids and teaching them new ideas! We would like to hold it once a month in the gym. We have a couple of options for the time it could be held. This is where the PTF needs your help.  We know we won’t be able to accommodate everyone, but we would like to make it available to as many kids who are interested as possible.

After school from 2:30pm- 4pm and parents would need to pick up their kids by 4pm.

In the evening from 6pm-7pm.

Holding it on a Saturday morning from 10am-12:30pm!

Please contact Michelle Tilley or email news@fcslions.org with your children’s names, ages and the time that works best for your family. We would like to get it started the second week in November if all goes well! Please spread the word to friends and family that we are looking for donations of used and unwanted loose Legos. We have our first donation but will be needing many more!! The PTF may have to charge a small fee $2-$5 per child in the beginning to cover a few of the costs we may have!

Thanks for your cooperation in getting this started for our kids!

Michelle Tilley
FCS Parent-Teacher Fellowship President

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