Continuity of Education Plan

for Faith Christian School


School District: Non-public school within the Bangor Area School District

Superintendent: NA

Principal: Mrs. Leeann Long

Address: 122 Dante St., Roseto, PA 18013

Phone: 610-588-3414



FCS’s Continuity of Education Plan has been in place since late March and it will remain in effect until the end of the 2019-2020 Academic Year. FCS will provide access to educational opportunities online through a variety of platforms, including Zoom, ClassDojo, and Sycamore. The plan has been developed with alignment to the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s guidelines for continuity of education.

Goal of Plan: To provide continuity of education for all of our students, Kindergarten through grade 12, during a prolonged school closure. Students will maintain and develop skills as teachers utilize planned instruction, enrichment and review methods and activities.

Overview of Plan: This education plan is aligned to our mission, To provide a unique Christ-centered education that instills character based on biblical principles and develops academic excellence for the purpose of preparing young people to serve and impact the world for Jesus Christ through carefully chosen content that is selected with this purpose in mind. The content and activities will support our vision, To provide the necessary resources which inspire our students to acquire wisdom, knowledge, and a biblical worldview through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The plan enables FCS to provide education of the same nature to its students during the COVID-19 closure as they were accustomed to gaining when school was in session in our brick-and-mortar building. The purpose of the plan is to enable students to keep on pace with their grade level standards and be able to successfully re-enter school when the pandemic ends.

Expectations for Teaching and Learning: All grades, K – 12, will engage in methods and activities which will move the course level content forward through planned instruction in the following subjects: Bible, Language Arts, math, science, and social studies. Grades 7 and 9 will also have planned instruction in Health. All grades will also engage in enrichment and review in Language Arts, math, art, music, and physical education. In the absence of their customary school environment, students deserve the opportunity to continue to advance their education. The school closure is not of their choosing and, to the extent it is possible in the given circumstances, an appropriate education is due them. All teachers are expected to submit their weekly schedule/lesson plans to the administration . They also attend faculty meetings as announced by the administration.

Note: Planned Instruction is defined by the Pennsylvania Department of Education as formal teaching and learning similar to that which occurs in a classroom setting. Within this process, teachers use planned courses of instruction of new concepts/skills aligned to grade level standards. Teachers assess the learning of their students and make adjustments to instruction based upon student progress. In order to receive grade and credit, students must attend regularly and complete the course requirements.

Enrichment and Review, as defined by the PDOE, consists of informal activities to reinforce or extend students’ prior learning. No standards and skills are addressed through Enrichment and Review.

Communication Tools and Strategies: Parents of elementary students will find weekly communications on ClassDojo at the end of each week or before Monday morning, informing them of the coming week’s work load. High school teachers and enrichment teachers (art, music, and gym) send an email to their students for each of their courses at the end of each week or before Monday morning, informing them of the coming week’s work load. Parents are copied on all emails to students. The administration periodically sends email updates to parents regarding school-wide information. Another time administration is able to communicate with the student body is during virtual chapel, which is held bi-weekly on Zoom.

Access (Devices, Platforms, Handouts): Students need access to a computer with camera and internet or a phone with internet. Print capability is needed intermittently. Teachers and administration contacted families at the outset if there was concern regarding barriers to technology. Computers were loaned as needed. The administration helped ease the hardship of accessibility to technology by notifying parents of the companies offering free WiFi internet during this time period. Planned instruction is provided for all our students, grades K-12. A schedule was developed and communicated to FCS families for each elementary grade and each high school subject to have a regular meeting time on Zoom. Elementary grades meet daily; high school classes meet by subject weekly. Work is assigned for days when subjects do not meet. Planned instruction is provided using students’ textbooks and technology. Elementary students receive instruction on two platforms: ClassDojo and Zoom. High school uses Zoom*. Handouts are provided via packets previously given to students and via technology. Some assignments are posted on Sycamore.

*The Zoom meetings are password protected for security and privacy purposes. Students must be admitted by the instructor.

Staff General Expectations: Teachers each have a scheduled time for planned instruction with students. Elementary teachers also post instructional videos on ClassDojo. High school teachers hold “office hours” to provide tutoring and to answer questions. Elementary teachers post the weekly assignments on ClassDojo; high school teachers send a weekly PDF email of assignments. Teachers download and grade selected assignments and post grades on Sycamore.

Student Expectations: Students are expected to attend their class/course Zoom meetings and interact as appropriate. Students must complete all assignments on time and upload work as required.

Attendance/Accountability: Attendance is difficult to quantify in the distance learning environment. Synchronous attendance is expected as students are accountable to be present for Zoom classes; asynchronous participation also occurs as students learn the same material at different times by utilizing the instructional videos posted by teachers for them to access on their own. Meaningful participation occurs when students engage in class discussions and submit work as required.

Good Faith Efforts for Access and Equity for All Students: Parents were contacted with information regarding distance learning. Teachers established contact with individual families when access issues were in question. The administration also intervened as needed.

Special Education Supports: Additional tutoring is available and modifications can be made for students with IEPs/learning plans.

EL Supports: NA

Gifted Education: NA

Building/Grade Level Contacts: The school principal will lead communication efforts for both North Campus and South Campus. Specific inquiries from students and parents regarding curriculum matters will be made directly to classroom teachers.

Mrs. Eberhardt – Kindergarten

Mrs. Nelson – First grade

Mrs. Holt – Second grade

Mrs. O’Keefe – Third grade

Mrs. Kusiak – Fourth grade

Mr. Brewer – Fifth grade

Miss Meyers – Sixth grade

Mrs. Cleaver – Math, gr 7 – 12

Mr. Costanzo – History, gr 7 – 12

Mr. DeLorme – Bible, gr 7 – 12

Mrs. Moody – Science, gr 7 – 12

Mrs. Thomas – English, gr 7 – 12

Mrs. Borrell – Phys. Ed., gr K -12, Health, gr 7, 9

Mr. Denny – Music, gr K – 12

Mrs. Martin – Art, gr K – 12


Resource Links:

Elementary grades for drill and practice:

Elementary grades for Review and Enrichment:


  • Super Teacher Worksheets
  • edHelper
  • Teachers Pay Teachers
  • is used for practice, review and quizzing in both elementary and high school grades.
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